Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He is holding me...

The young girl, trapped in an 18 year old body, sat motionless, head between knees on the edge of her bed. Small tremors escaped from her body as she sobbed; her eyes oozing out alligator tears. Why did this life have to be so hard? Why did following her dreams have to seem like it was impossible? She couldn’t understand, and it made her cry even harder all the same.
A deep soothing voice came to her and whispered, “My dear child, why are you weeping so?”
She looked up and a sorrowful angelic face was in front of her, it was her guardian angel. The angel’s eyes looked sad, and compassionate.
“My dear kind sweet angel. Thank you for visiting me in my time of need.” The girl spoke out loud. Her head rose from her knees, and her face was in a state of shock and worry.
The angels eyes sorrowful and drooping down looked at her. “Do not lose faith. Give all your anxiety over to your Father above. Let him.. hold you close..”
“hold me close,” she bowed her head once more to her knees. “hold me close…”
The angel nodded, then vanished.
“I can feel him.” She wrapped her arms around herself and sobbed quietly now. “he is holding me….”


  1. Aw honey :<

    I wish something like that would actually happen to me lol XD I'd love to see an angel :<

  2. Yes He is. C: *hugs*
    You're so strong. I love you sweetie.