Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The stars fell from under her feet, and she plumeted down to the bottom... this time he would not be there to catch her. He was never really there... but the one who made the clouds was. What was he thinking of her now? Now that she failed, messed everything up. The beautiful life he had given her, why was she not more thankful? Why were the stars, so beautiful, not enough to satify? The trees vibrant fall colors not enough to comfort her lonely heart. Why was she wanting more, so far... she falls now... the stars are growing more faint... and the minutes are ticking by. As the cage grows closer, her key neclace drifts back up to the heavens, and she cries. I've lost the key, and I'm locked in my own cage... What I thought I wanted was a lie, the life i wanted, would not satify, but the life I had, was so beautiful. And I want it back. I'll be thankful. And cheerish the blessing I have. My heart is now steadfast.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I've realized how turly blessed I am. Thank you all so much for everything. Love Cheryl

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