Monday, January 10, 2011

The Best Part About Winter

So I just had a "lightbulb moment" I relized what my favorite part about winter is. =D My favorite part is, it makes you appreciate the Spring! Perhaps thats why so many people say... Spring is their favorite season! They had to go through the harsh brutal winter to reach the beautiful spring. That perfect time of year when the temperture is just right. When the world comes back to life with fresh green leaves flowers and grass. Warmth is in the air, evrything feels fully alive again, and we soon forget the cold winters grip. If there was not winter, would we appreciate the Spring as much as we do?

Perhaps this is an analogy of life? Maybe we need to look at the hard times in our life and realize... that by going through these hard times, once we finaly reach the Spring, we will be able to appreciate those good times so much more than we ever could if they were just handed to us. The good times will be filled with more joy than we can ever imagine now. I truly believe those good times will be worth going through the harsh winter. Everyones winter wont be the same length though. Some people will have a lot longer and colder winters to face than others... but you know what? There is even beauty, that can be found in winter. So for now, I'll look for the beauty in my winter. And I'll know that my Spring will come. Winter cannot last forever. Spring will come. ^_^


  1. Yes! I totally think it's an analogy of life, and it's very awesome you bring this up cause sometimes I forget... through the winters of life there will always be the spring to look forward to. Sorrow lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning. The kite rises in the oppression of the wind.

    This also reminds me of Fruits Basket, the whole Hatori episode (;o;...) and just how much more you resemble Tohru. :D <3

    Love you girl! *hugs*

  2. Yes!! exactly ^^ And like what we talked about today. :) I know my Spring will come. ^^ and thank you!! I love being told Im like Tohru! and awwww poor Hatori... ;^; that episode always makes me want to cry. Love you too! ^^ *hugs*

  3. ^.^ Nicely stated.

    But Winter is my favorite season... XD