Sunday, January 16, 2011

We must choose to get back up

"Life will knock us down, but we must choose to get back up." -Karate Kid

So I watched Karate Kid for the first time yesterday, and I loved it! It really made me think about a lot of things and really inspired me as well.

Especialy that quote that Mr. Han says in the movie. ^_^ Some things I really want to work on is:

The first one, I want to be more respectful to my mom, and just people in authority in general. If my mom asks me to do something, I want to try harder to do what she asks when she asks it. I feel Im not as respectful as I should be some times. :(

Second, I want to work harder in all areas of my life, such as in school, drawing, bible studies, ect. In the movie, Mr. Han says, Kung Fu is in everything around us, and it lives in how we treat people. I loved that line, I really do want to live my life like that. In a more respectulf way, and I want to try and stop wasting so much time sitting around and not doing anything productive.

Third I really want to start working out again, and really start to push myself harder. Not to lose weight, but to be healthy. Its amazing what the human body is capable when it is strong and healthy. I would really love to see and experience this feeling in my life. Also I want to start eating healthier too. >< Mattie! thank you! You really have inspired me with the fast you are doing!

And lastly, that quote, thats at the top of this post. I really want to live this out in my life. Stuff and things in this life will bring us down, and will continue too. For a while, I didn't get back up when things were hard in my life. But I'm going to choose this time to get back up. and If I fall again, I'll keep on getting right back up. Spiritualy I really want to get closer to God. and I'll admit, Im frightened to. Im scared to grow closer to God, but I want to face this fear, because God will take care of everything. ^-^

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