Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Favorite Artist of the Month (October)

Ok... I stumbled across this artist today, and Im so very glad that I did! 0-0 I dont think ive ever just like gasped outloud when I saw art before, but when I saw this, I did. It seriously left me breathless. *_* Yu Cheng Hong's art is AMAZING!! man.... It makes me almost sick how good they are. hahaha!! Here's some of my favorites, but you can check out more of his(I believe the artist is a guy) at his website. :D

Oh and you should listen to this amazing song I found the other day while you look at his art work. :D


  1. ahhhhh that character design is so beautiful!

  2. GAH YEAH. During our illustrator presentations we had to do, people presented over illustrators I had no idea about but they're stuff was to this caliber and beyond, it was sickening and insane and beautiful D: I was like "DDDDDDDDDDD:" the whole time. xD

    His artwork is so pretty ;o;

  3. And what a beautiful website design.... *nerds out a little bit*