Friday, October 23, 2009

bang trim, and a trip to the antique shop

Today was a lovely day. I went and got my bangs trimmed. They were getting so long. lol! Instead of the side swept bangs, I decided to get the straight across kind. I think they turned out ok. ^^ Then after my bang trim, I went over to this little antique shop that is in my town, and browsed through it. They have so much delightful antiques there. I happened to stumble across two treasures there that I fell in love with! The first one was a huge poster of a girl in the woods circled by little dancing fairies by her feet!! I thought it was absolutely adorable, and a beautiful picture! I just had to get it! Its so mythical and fantasy like. ^^ I'm not sure where Im going to hang it in my room though. I'm thinking over my bed. The second thing I found was a really old book. It's called Burning Sands. I was intriged by it, because it had old photos in it, that looked like they are from a silent film. And the book looked intersting as well. I've never read a book like it, so I am excited to find out the story it holds. So today was a finding of treasurs, and hair cuts. haha! Tonight I am also going out with my best friend to an Asian Fashion show. I am really looking forward to it. ^_^

There is a quote at the bottom of this, but its hard to read in this pic. Its says, "Dreams are a the touchstones of our character" I love this! Its so pretty. :)

This is one of the photos from the book, I love it! Though its hard to see it in this pic, my camera isn't very good.

Yay bangs! ^^


  1. Your hair looks SOOO cute!
    And I'm diggin' your outfit!
    And that poster! So pretty. :D

    I'm so stoked for the show! ^^

  2. hahaha aww, your so cute! :)
    antiques are sooo cool!
    please post about teh asian show! :DD:D:DDD
    i love asian stuff its awesome hehe ;D

  3. Awww! ^.^ thank you! <3 The asian show was really cool! So much cute fashion! :O And yay!! that is so cool you are into asian stuff! I am too! X3 I saw on your blog like anime pics! =D