Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poetry Reading Party (in progress)

So... a while back, some of my friends came over, and out of no where, one of my friend’s joking suggested we read poetry to each other. I was so excited; I ran in my room and grabbed some of my books. I came back, and they all looked surprised I took it seriously, but all the same, we sat in a circle in my living room, with only a couple lights on, and we started reading poetry. It was so much fun, and when the evening was over, before everyone left, they told me they had a great time and we should all get together again and do another poetry reading. I was thrilled, since then I have been really taking to heart that idea, and I am trying to plan another poetry reading, but this time it will be more like um... a Party. ^__^

I want to actually like plan it better this time, and there will be like events and stuff. Here are my ideas; this would be like the events itinerary. Lol!

4:00-5:30: Sewing party (anything from designing outfits, cosplay costumes, working on patterns, sewing, knitting, crafts, drawing, painting, ect.)

5:30-6:30- Tea with crumpets and pastries (photos, tea and crumpets provided)

6:30-7:00- Violin playing (instrumental music, socializing)

7:00-8:30- Poetry reading by the fire (main event, there will be tea provided, fire in fire place, and incense and candles, no electricity allowed for this event. )

9:00-10:00- If any one wants to stay, Echo group meeting (bible study)

Other Info: Please bring to the poetry reading either any writings of your own, or some of your favorite poems, short stories, or excerpts that you would like to share. Also if you like, please come dressed up in old-n-time clothing, or similar fashion, (the vintage style is coming back, so if you want to dress in the modern vintage style, that is encouraged too) there will be lots of photos taken. Also remember, this is a party where we are trying to bring back the romantic ways of the past, so let’s remember our manners, and work on our etiquette. Practicing etiquette is a lost art, which needs to be re polished in our society; a society in which these important values and beautiful simplicities in life have seemed to have been forgotten. The simplicities of a more romantic life style are what we are aiming for at this party. Hope you come!

So… haha, that’s kind of what I’m aiming for. I’m not sure when I’m going to plan it, I’m hoping for some time over Christmas Break. But when I figure out more, I will update you. Any way, please tell me what your views are about this, and if you think it’s a good idea. Thanks. ^__^

Love, Cheryl


  1. First off, that tea set is ABSOLUTELYFABULOUS.

    This is the greatest idea! -sighs of wonderment- ahhh Cheryl!! I would do anything to be able to go to this fine party!

    I completely agree with you, and I couldn't have said it any better: Etiquette IS a lost art, and having a little party like this [especially as a normal thing!!] would be super!
    And I would stay for the Bible Study too.. ahh... Sometime I will just HAVE to come and visit and we NEED to have a party like this. It's divine!

  2. Lol!! X3 awww, I wish that tea set was actually mine... ;_; I just found it on google images... :( lol! XD I'm thinking of investing in getting a nice tea set though, with floral rose patterns on it. ^^ <3

    Awwww!!! I wish you could come too!!! ;_; Don't worry, when I come out there we can have our own tea party! lol! =^.^= <333 I love you!!! We should toatally try and bring back the old style!! D: and in a way, I think we are. X3 <333

  3. All of that sounds so lovely. *sigh* : )

  4. Ohhh I wish you were in my English class today, Cheryl!
    Mr. Hawk had one of his good friends come in and read some of her poetry - she was AMAZING. Her work was so beautiful too, I got all inspired. <3

    I wish she was published though so I could find her book and bring it to the poetry reading, because her work was breathtaking. And she was so sweet!