Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ceylon Tea

I first became intriged by this tea after reading about it in a tea book. The author Mary Engelbreit states in the book about the tea that, "Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is grown in tea gardens high in the clouds. Perhaps that explains their magic: strong yet delicate, with hints of flowers."

This really pulled me in. I pictured a beautiful place up in the mountains where the clouds were really only a small ways off from the tips of your fingers. Sure enough, I looked up some pictures, and thats exactly what it looked like. ^^

A beautfiful endless green field full of Ceylon tea as far as the eye could see, sweeping over the mountians and the clouds hovering close above. I have never tried Ceylon tea, but I am for sure, next time a make a visit to Akins a health food store to pick up some. They sell a vast amount of tea on a long wall, so hopefully I can find some there. This tea just looks magical. Also, I'm going to try and buy a new type of tea from now on every time I go to Akins to try different kinds. Some times I feel I am in my habbit of only drinking the same kinds of tea every day, which isn't bad per say, but I'd love to try some new kinds out there. I am very excited. ^_^ This is a picture of Ceylon Tea. :) <3

As of late I have been trying my best to drink one cup of green tea every day. I love green tea so much. It really is as magical as every one says. Already, and its been only 4 days, that I have been drinking green tea consecuatively once or twice a day, that I have seen an improvement in my skin. The skin on my face looks more clear and fresh. I also feel more healthy. ^_^

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