Friday, September 3, 2010

Tea in the Woods

This is what I would really like to do when I find that special someone some day. ^_^ Set up a cute little table in the woods, and have some tea with him, and really enjoy each others company; talking, reading to eachother, going on walks. It would be so lovely…

Some times I’m very lonely… I wonder who you are, and when I will meet you. Some times I fear I will never find you, and you are only a dream. But I’m trusting in God, that he will bring us together some day. Until that day…

I will be waiting for you…


  1. This is sweet :) I love the idea of having a sweet tea party in the woods, that's really romantic and I am a hopeless romantic! Hahaha... (although sometimes wood/forest creep me up, I mean... who knows what would appear from behind the bushes? lol)

    and don't worry, you'll find the prince someday ;) trust me, you know God has his plans and be ready because sometimes his plan surprises you, haha... (like He did to me, haha), and you'll be the happiest girl ever then :) and even if you will have to face a heartbreak (although I wish you wouldn't), that's one of His plans also, you know, to teach you things ;)

    Oops... was I talking too much? Hehe, sorry! I love your blog, and I see you, one fairytale fair believer like I am! *high five!* :D

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind comment and your kind words. ^__^ I hope I'll find him someday. =D I've been through some heartbreaks already, so I hope the next guy will be the one, >< no more heartbreaks. ^_^ And yay for another hopeless romantic, and fairytale believer! *high fives back* ;) Thanks again for your comment! =D