Sunday, September 19, 2010


Music to listen to while you read it. :)


Hello my friend.
My thoughts of late have only been of you.
I think you have been sent to me by God.

Maybe you are an angel?

I was at my lowest point.
So low, I was loosing control.
Hurting myself, and feeling the pain.

I’m learning to love again.
With your council,
You showed me that I am beautiful.
You made me feel like I am worthy.
Worthy of love.

You are real…
You are your true self with me.

But some times I fear you will disappear.
With no warning, or words of farewell
You will be gone from my life like the wind.

With the teachings of love,
Also comes the lessons of trust.
I’ve been lied to in the past
They all walked out on me.
One by one, I was left alone.

Then you appeared,
Like a light from a far away star.

I’m trying to trust the words you tell me now,
As I’m trying to trust in the words of my own heart.

I like you Jace...
Were you telling me the truth
When you told me the same?

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