Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dream of Jesus

please listen to this while you read, thank you. ^__^

The Dream of Jesus

Come on,
Take me to that place.
The place where only dreams exist.
The leaves are vibrant red here.
They swirl around me in a warm wind.
My floral dress twirls.
Nothing else exists, but the soft green grass under my toes.
The heavens are so close in reach
But this is a dream right?
I can fly to them.
I dance with Jesus on the Milky Way,
And he shows me the galaxy.
My dreams are becoming so alive.
I want to keep on dreaming.
Believing in only you.
Your more;
All that I want.
The majestic ocean swallows me up in a mountainous high wave.
And I swim through a rainbow.
The sky is pure blue, the clouds snow white.
The rain is warm, and in the ocean I twirl,
In my floral dress,
Under the sky, the rain, in the ocean, and
With a floating island of green grass
And swirling leaves.
The colors are blurring together.
So BRIGHT they are!
I can’t breathe!
To beautiful for words!
Take me here, everyday,
Jesus is all I need!

1 comment:

  1. Aaah, that's so gorgeous~! That is an ideal view of what heaven will be like, I think... getting to dance in the galaxies and enjoy the beauty of God's creation in the way ideal, pure way it was meant to be enjoyed. I'm so excited!! :D

    this was so beautiful, my dear!