Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lilly Allens "The Fear"

Heres the link to the video. :)

I love her style, and all the pastel colors in this video! Theres so much to look at, Ive watched this video over and over. Haha! I love the dancing ballon guys! ROFL! XD
And way to go Lilly for the awesome satire in this video about the famous life.


  1. This video is amazing! I love her smirk all throughout, which definitely makes it satire ;) And her style IS SO ADORABLE, and I love her hair D: I wish mine could be that straight and longggg ;o;

    But yes, dancing balloon guys for the win! XD

  2. I love her style and hair too! D: I think her hair has no layers thats why its so straight 0.0 lol! and yess... wahhh I want long hair too.
    ;-; we will get long hair some day meghan. ><
    and yes! Dancing preasents and ballon guys!! haha!

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