Friday, January 21, 2011

The alliens frome Mars I call BOYS

Buuuh seriously!! Why are they so confusing??? Its like they speak in a different language. haha!! There are several boys that have really been confusing me latley. Some times I just want a straight up answer from them, or explanation for certain behaviors they have towards me. lol! Ugh... and Im really annoyed of boys texting me saying, "Hey", or "Hey girl" really?! 0.0 can you acleast think of something else to say to me? haha... any way... I've noticed on the radio that the majority of the contemporay music is all about partying. Its sad really... is that all so many people know in their life? Partying, getting drunk, sex? It breaks my heart. :(

This 365 days project has really been a challenge so far. I haven't gone to bed before 12 in so long I cant even remember. Lately I dont get to drawing until the very end of my day, so I stay up late to draw a drawing. lol! Its fun, but I need to get to bed earlier. This cant be healthy. X_X haha. Latley though I either get very frustrated with my art work, and relize I need to take more risks, but it makes me upset because Im not good at drawing other things. :( So I guess I really need to practice. One good thing though, I feel a lot looser in my drawings which is good. :)

Lately I have realized that I am sort of a negative person, and become to quick to get upset over silly things. I really want to work on being a more positive uplifting person, and not get so upset over things so easily. Thankyou Mattie and Meghan, you too have truly been an inspiration to me. I love you too so much! I love that we are all doing these blogs too. I have learned a lot through them that you too probably didn't know you have helped me with, so I wanted to say thankyou. ^_^

This morning my mom showed me on the news that in China, Christianity is really growing! My mom wanted to show me this to encourage me! It really lifted my spirits and it was even more of the calling on my heart to do mission work in China. Im so happy Christianity is growing there! Seeing that on the news was very encouraging to me. I want to pray harder about going to China, and also witnessing in general to people. :)

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  1. I'll pose for your drawings! ROFL! XD Haha.

    Yeah China for sure! God is moving and it's amazing. ^.^ And Cheryl, I love ya girlie, don't be down on yourself because you're one of the most cheery uplifting people I know!