Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream a Little Dream of Me

I think Im suffering post poetry party blues... :( I haven't been very motivated to do anything lately... I kind of blame it on the weather. lol This "big storm thats coming" is really giving me anxiety in a way. I can't help but worry about it. *sigh*

Im reading a very cute manga right now called Stolen Hearts. :) The couple in the manga are like exact opposits in their size. The guy is really tall, and the girl is short. Its so cute. They just compliment each other, but its not the couple you would normaly expect. I notice this a lot in life. People have ideas of who they want to date/marry, that perfect guy for them, but in a lot of cases the guy they end up dating and loveing is in fact not the initial guy they would have gone for. Its exciting in a way. I wonder what the guy thats meant for me will be like. Maybe he will be what I pictured, or maybe he will be completly unexpected. I'm so excited for when God brings us together. That will be a wonderful day. But for now I'm happy. I know hes out there, just haven't found him yet. :) Its comforting to know he is out there though, and not just a dream.

I watched a very sad wonderful movie with my mom tonight. It made me cry my eyes out, it was so sad. It was called The Lost Valentine. This was one of the songs from the movie. I just love it, and wanted to share it with you. ^_^ And for all the girls out there who haven't found that special guy yet, dont give up. Hes out there, and hes looking for you right now. Dont waste your time on guys who aren't the right one, you'll know when you find him. When you find that guy, you'll be so happy you waited and didn't give away any of your heart to some other guy, becuase the guy God has instore for you will be so wonderful, and you'll be in love. ^_^ Just imagine it, the best guy God has for you. ^_^ Its so comforting. Valentines Day is coming up fast. I think Im feeling more peaceful about it now, and less weary. haha. :) It will be a good day. ^_^ God Bless You.



  1. I love the Mamas and the Papas! ^.^ Haha! I think you were telling me about that manga.. hm. I love a good tear-jerker movie.

    And while we're just chilling out before we do meet these handpicked guys from God, we're going to have so much fun. >.< Love you girlie!

  2. Yes!!! Most definetly! haha!! "My Lord?" "NO!" XD Love it! You are awesome Mattie!! We have so many wonderful crazy adventures. X3 Love you!! <3