Monday, January 31, 2011

Long hair, Clear skin!!

Wahhh sooo um... lately ive been a little obsessed with wanting to grow my hair long, and to get clear skin. haha!! XD Ive been looking up and reading about ways to achieve this. Im so excited!! Here are some things I've found out that I want to share with you. I hope it can help and benefit you as well. ^_^

For hair:
-Keep your hair healthy
-Keep hair hydrated( when its dry it has more chance of breakage)
-Masage your scelp in the shower to help stimulate the cells
-Take vitamins(Im using Biotin right now, so far I really like it)
-Excersise (surprisingly helps hair growth)
-Eat healthy
-Get hair trimmed acleast 3 times a year.(which reluctantly I will get my hair trimmed. lol)

For Skin:
-Most important, drink lots and lots of water(you should get in 8 cups a day. water helps remove so many toxins from your body)
-Get lots of sleep
-Eat healthy(foods with high antioxidant properties are great for clearing toxins in the body and skin)
-Drink green tea(has amazing heath benefits, as well great for your skin)
-Exersise often(it relieves stress in the body)
-Clean your face in the morning with cold water(cold water helps blood flow in your face also helps reduce dark circles under eyes)
-Clean face at night before bed with warm water(this helps open up the pores to remove more toxins and absorb mosturizer beter)
-Always use mosturizer after you wash your face with a cleanser.(oil-free mosturizer is best)
-Sleep on your back(weird i know, but it helps pervent premature ageing in the skin from the affects of gravity)

Those are just a few of tips I've learned on skin care. I hope those tips will help you out as well. ^_^ I might post more details on skin care and also a lot of fun other tips some time. ^_^ Best of luck!

I want my hair to be this long!

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  1. I'm gonna' take advantage of these awesome tips! I'm so stoked now. I use face cleaning stuff and moisturizer, but that's just not enough I guess -- as with losing weight, keeping your skin healthy and clear, you have to do more!

    Plus since I'm trying to grow my hair out too, these tips for longer hair are awesome!! I think I'll start with eating lots of Jell-O, and taking those Biotin supplements. :3 I'm already excercising, and am working on the eating healthy party right now.

    Thanks so much for these tips, girlie!! They're very useful <3