Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Products of the Month for January

Its a little late but I wanted to talk to you all about some products that I used last month and what I thought about them.

Last month I used a COVERGIRL oil control pressed powder for my foundation.

Hm... what I thought about this product? I was not very pleased with it. When I wore it I felt like I had a layer of gunk on my face, clogging my pores. I felt like my skin couldn't breath. It just over all felt aweful. At the end of the day my skin felt so dry, dull looking, and flaky. I do not recomend this product. I do recomend however to use a liquid foundation. This was my first time to try a powder product, but I dont think I will go back to it. Even with a differen't product.

Next I used a Pantene shampoo and conditioner on my hair.

I also was not pleased with this product. The Pantene type I used was sopost to stop breakage and help to strengthen your hair. I bought it simply becuase of this because I have bad split ends, breakage in my hair, and its really weak. This product if anything I feel worsened the condition of my hair. My hair feels really dehydrated and dull, and its not shinny. My hair is still breaking a lot, and my hair just feels so dry. This product I think is to harsh on my hair. I don't recomend this product. If you have had good results with this product then please disregard this. Everyone has different hair types after all. :)

Next I bought a N.Y.C Eyeliner Duet pencil.

I did not like this product at all, and I highly recomend not buying it. I was very upset with this eyeliner. This pencil came with on one side a black eyeliner, and the other side was a cream color. The black side works fine. But the cream color, aweful! It did not work at all. Even when I pressed really hard, which hurt my eye, it did not work; very upset by this.

Now on to some good products I liked this month.

First one was the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shower facial.

I liked this product. I used it very often in the shower. It really exfoliated my skin and made it feel clean and fresh. It was a little harsh some times and would over dry my skin, but I think that was because I used it to often. You are only sopost to use it maybe 4 times a week.

The next one is a Clearasil Daily Face Wash.

Mattie actualy told me about this one, and I really liked it. It was very simple and did a great job of cleaning my face of makeup and dirt without over drying my skin. I dont think my skin has ever felt dehydrated after using this product. :)

So there you go. I hope this has helped you in any way possible when choosing new products. ^_^ I'll post more products at the end of this month that I have used. Thanks so much for reading. :D Best of Luck! :D


  1. This is handy too!

    Yeah, that's why I just don't bother with foundation period. Any kind I've used in the past just felt like it clogged my pores, or stayed too packed on on my skin. Staying away from foundation and using lighter products like just a moisturizer for a couple days at a time will really help clear skin and keep it healthy and fresh feeling too :)

    Rimmel London white eyeliner pencil, I believe, is the white eyeliner I use, and it works really well. Rimmel London specializes in their eyeliners and make-ups, and even have a variety of eyeliner colors that are very vivid and costumey, to very pretty and natural. That NYC product though, I agree, didn't work well at all -- I tried it once or twice too and it stunk ><

    I'll disagree on the Pantene stuff though -- I use the same kind of Pantene shampoo, but I got the kind for "curly" hair, and it's the dry to moisturized combination. It works really well for hair that's naturally curly, because it works with that type of hair and helps that type of hair be the best it can be, which means moisturizing dryness and fixing frizz and split ends. So even if you straighten your hair a lot, your type of hair is naturally curly, so you may want to try this shampoo out sometime :3

    Thanks for these awesomely helpful blogs, Cheryl! <3

  2. Thank YOU Meghan for all the helpful advice and tips as well. ^__^ I will definetly try the rimmel london eyeliner pencil, that sounds great! :D And cool I might try a diff. type of the pantene some time. It may have not worked for me since I do color my hair which casuses it to be more dry. I probaly need a more hydrating shampoo. :) but thank you! Im going to try and post more helpful blogs now. ^__^

  3. Haha you're welcome! and yeah that's a good point, over colored hair can dry out more, so moisturizing shampoo may be what you need. And moisteruizing naturally helps split ends be smoothed out, and overall keeps your hair extra healthy :3 *hugs*

  4. Thanks Meghan! ^^ *hugs back* yeah I think i'll try maybe a hydrating Herbal Essance kind next X3