Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peaceful Snow Day :)

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You're hair is really cute
And Ottomen like too!


Wow... Today has been fun. I shovelded the drive way. :D it was actually kind of fun in a weird way. lol! Then I read with my mom and uncle in the living room for an hour with no T.V. on. It was really nice. ^^ I finished Stolen Hearts. It was really good! I can't wait to read the second manga!

The rest of the day I have been browsing Deviantart, and me and Meghan made a Christian anime group. :D It should be a lot of fun. ^_^

Then I made chocolate covered pretzels with my mom. Yummmy!! X3 but OH so fattening! ;w; buhhh. hahaha! XD

For the rest of the day I plan on doing some h/w and drawing. ^_^ I hope you all are having a wonderful snow day! Love Cheryl~

I read more of the Never Ending Story last night. Wow what a wonderful book. ^__^

My pretzels definetly did not turn out this good. haha! XD

I love the snow! and this is like my ideal of how I want my hair too look! Sidebangs and length! everything! D: and I want to grow my eyebrows a little thicker too like hers. lol! XD


  1. For some reason, I like shoveling snow too... it's very tiresome work, but it's definitely a work out! Plus it's really awesome to see the snow shoveled away and see the progress you've made. It also means a section is cleared out for either travel purposes or what not, so, it's always an accomplishment. ;D

    I got some homework done today too, but, not any drawing yet! I need to get caught up on this 365 project. >:0 I'm determined!

    And I love how you spelled/worded out "ROFL" XDD You rock <3

  2. Yes! Its like a great feeling after its all done. X3 and Dont worry I actually haven't drawn anything today yet either. >< sadness!! Its hard! D: and thanks! I was really hyper. haha! XD