Sunday, February 13, 2011

The last flower to bloom will be the rarest and most beautiful of all

Hello everyone. ^_^ Thought I'd write a quick post before church. How is everyone? ^_^ Guess what tomorrow is? Valentines Day! :3 Im excited surprisingly. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. :)

Yesterday was so fun, Becky and I went over to Matties and we had a Valentines Day party. We baked cupcakes and cookies and decorated them with adorable frostings and sprinkles. It was a wonderful time. ^_^ We laughed our heads off over the funniest stuff. XD "I love asian dramas, but I dont want to be in one."- Becky. Rofl! man... good times. XD Im so thankful for all my friends. God has truley blessed me. ^_^ I'm going to surprise my friends today at church and tomorrow with some of the goodies we made. I hope it will brighten up their day. :)

I'll post another post for tomorrow since of course, it is V-day. :3 any way hope you all have an amazing Sunday and spend it with the Lord. ^_^ God Bless, love Cheryl.

Oh and Im going to dress up for Valentines Day tomorrow. ^.^
Heres some pretty outfits that I think look Valentineish. :D

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