Monday, March 14, 2011

My own stupid little world.... buuuh

Man... some times I get so caught up in my own little world that I forget about the bigger picture. I am so selfish some times! :( *sigh* I should be thankful I have a job, and a roof over my head. I should be thankful to spend time with kids at the daycare, and get to be their teacher. *sigh* so I'm really sorry I complain a lot about work... I know I have been complaining a lot. I'm going to try and work on this. God will give me the strengh to be a good teacher at the daycare this week, even when things get hard or tiring. *sigh* and I'm sorry I complain about little things in my life that seem to be bad. But really I have nothing to complain about. God can help me with all of it. I should be more concerned with helping others and praying for others. Especially in Japan right now... man... I really need to pray for Japan. They are going through horrible horrible hard times right now... things I couldn't even imagine. So I need to stop complaining about my insignificant problems and start praising God for what I have, and start praying more for others.

Let us pray together for Japan!

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  1. We really do go though the same things at the same time, even spiritual struggles I think. I've been feeling the same way. :( A heavy weight on me at church, feeling distant from God, focusing so much on myself or my own problems, not praying or focusing on others. Even when I do read my Bible consistently, I always try to apply it to just MY life to help ME, instead of applying it to my life in how I can help others...

    And I equally have something I always complain about and stuff too, and it's school, and design. I should be grateful for getting an amazing education and all the opportunities I do get, instead of complaining. :( As well as just other little complaints I make a lot, either about myself or other people..I totally get where you're coming from...

    Maybe the next time we hang out, we can pray together about all of this stuff and really refocus.

    *hugs* I love you girl, we'll get through these spiritual pitfalls and struggles and be able to really focus on God the right way, and focus on others first too. :)