Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heavy Rain

Rain, rain, it is raining on my head.
Drip, drop , ker-plop.
No one can see,
No one can hear,
In the rain,
My sad sad rolling tears.
They drip drop, down my cheeks,
and plop, plop, plop,
In a circling puddle, the ripples slop.
No need for an umbrella,
or a place to run to for some shelter.
I like the rain,
As it plop, plop, plops on my head.
For then I can surely and only then,
Hide my face of this plummeting lead...

So much I need to pray and think about... I've been feeling a huge weight upon me in church lately for the past couple of weeks. Today the weight felt so heavy I had to sit down a lot, or lower my head it felt so heavy. I feel such a disconection with God. Its making me feel so empty... :( My priorities have been ascew. I'm really going to try harder and get back on track with God. As pastor Gary said tonight. Jesus holds all the treasures and wisdom of knowledge. All we have to do is seek after him and he will give us the knowledge we need.

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