Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Osaka Sun

Hey everyone! Haven't blogged in a while, and theres some stuff I want to share!! Some good news. ^.^ Most of you know in the past I delt with self esteem a LOT... Well Ive been doing so much better in this area. I used to think I was ugly every single day, but for the past couple months Ive been doing a lot better. I've but rarely thought I was ugly. I feel such a joy in my heart lately. I feel like Im finally living my life. I love myself, and I love being me; Cheryl! I don't want to be anyone else. I'm so happy in my skin, and I feel blessed more than I could have imagined. I've been trying really hard to live my life to the fullest, taking chances, living on the edge, standing up for myself, working harder, and discovering who I really am. I'm feeling a little stronger every day. I'm learning to step back in a sense and let things go and be how they are ment to be.

God's teaching me a lot through quiet lessons. ^^ I just have to put my listening ears on. haha ^^ I've learned to really listen to God when it comes to boys. He's taught me a lot in this arrea, and I feel it wasn't all for nothing. I get excited, when I think of what God has instore for me. I know its going to be great, for he has taught me many many lessons and still more to come before I will find that special guy. ^^ Ahh... I have so much love stored up in my heart. When I find him, my heart will be so full, with no holes, but overflowing with love that I can just pour out on him and God. But not just a guy, haha! my heart has been over flowing lately with blessings!! Im so blessed and thankful for my amazing friends! I seriously think I have the best friends in the world! I love them to pieces!! They have really helped me, more then they know. and I want to help them and be the best friend I can be to them. Just writing this I'm tearing up, I love my friends so much! Truley God sent friends. ^^

My life has entered the Osaka Sun. ^___^


  1. Just reading this has cheered me up a lot :) <3

    But yeah, there's nothing more wonderful and relieving than feeling beautiful in your own skin. It took me a while too, and though I still struggle with self-esteem as well (like we've talked about before) I find myself growing more in love with the person God made me to be. And knowing how I feel about that makes me extremely joyful you're feeling that too :) I never want you to think you're ugly, for you're a beautiful person, inside and out. As cliche as that phrase is, haha, it's honest truth. Everyone wouldn't be telling you that if it weren't true. ;)

    But yeah! I've been feeling blessed lately too, in small ways, but God shows us His glory in the smallest ways sometimes too :) We just have to have open eyes and hearts to find them and see them.

    I LOVE YOU CHERYLL! <3 *hugs* You're an amazing girl, and always a blessing in my life! <3

  2. Living like Larry!!!!

    Haha, yeah girl. God is amazing and good and faithful. As silly as I might be, sometimes I have to remind myself "Hey I'm made in God's image" and even when I'm feeling down about myself I know He loves me for me. That and I have the most awesome-est friends who care about me. I don't know where I'd be without you guys!

    Love you! >.<