Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wind wind, go away, come again, some other day...

Hello there. :) Im just wanted to ramble, so bare with me ><... past couple of days... haven't been so great. :p The littlest things have been setting me over the edge. It's made me realize that I am too attached to my stuff, and my hair. Hm.. yeah... definetly Im to attached. :( If I were to lose my house and everything I own, I don't know if I'd still have joy in my heart, I'd frankly be devestated. That scares me. :( I know I haven't been focusing on God like I should be. I feel like Im in a stump right now. *sigh* I always do this to myself. I wont give up though. On a better note, 4 weeks of school! yay! this is the final long and difficult stretch! but we can make it! and when we do... Akon!!! and TNT!!! Oh yeah!! X3 I'm so obsessed... but I can't help it. >w< well...

My hair is fried and looks like straw... and its still dark... -__-
and my favorite cardigan is ruined... Buuuuhh...

so I simply say,
"Dear next week, please be better." ;_;

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  1. It'll be better sweetie ;_; *hugs*

    Sometimes we just have one of those days... have you heard that song by Francesca Battistelli, "This Is the Stuff"? It's pretty good to listen to for those days that just irritate and annoy you. As well as "One of Those Days" by Joy Williams. They point out how sometimes, days just aren't good. But at the same time, God uses those days in our lives and we kinda' just need to have them to enjoy the better days ahead. Even if the things irritating us/bringing us down are simple things.

    But you're right, we just gotta' push through these last rather awful weeks of school (spring semesters are ALWAYS the worst) and when summer rolls around, we have a lot to look forward to and be thankful that we get to experience :)

    Let's keep marking off our calendars and soldiering through.

    I loveeeee you! <3