Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Releasing the Negative

Theres two guys in my life right now who have been really cold, rude, and short with me for about a month now... I'm going to try and slowly detatch myself from them. Its been bringing me down so much lately... I just dont need all this negativity in my life right now. I dont want to be treated like that. :( I'll still be nice and a friend to them of course. But I wont really make an effort to talk to them unless they awant to talk to me or actually make an effort for the friendship to stay strong. I'm sad it has to be this way... I hate loosing a friend, It breakes my heart... but it takes two for a friendship to work. If one is putting in all the effort, but not the other, it doesn't work. :( so... I just have to give them space I guess and see what happenes. I dont even know where things went wrong with them, why they started acting like this... which is what really gets to me as well. *sigh* I guess all I can do now is pray for them and try to be a good friend and if they dont talk to me, they dont talk to me. There's nothing I can do. :(

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