Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't do cartwheels in the house... X_X

As most of you already know... yesterday I did a very stupid thing, and accidently cut my foot open. :( I was being dumb and doing cartwheels in the house. Well we have a cabinet in our living room with glass doors, and one of the doors was open. Without thinking I did a cartwheel, and Smack! Hit the top part of my foot right into the glass door, shattering it, and cuting a huge gash in my right foot just above the toes. ;__; At first I didn't even realize I cut my foot. I was more concerned about breaking the glass door, and my mom being mad at me. Then I noticed there was blood splattered on the broken glass door, and then looked down at my foot only to find this huge cut in it. Its weird at first I was like, "seriously, did I really just cut my foot" like I was in disbelief. Then it really hit me and I started screaming. I dont think Ive ever been that scared in my entire life. I went out to the kitchen so I wouldn't bleed all over the carpet and tried to call my mom while I was screaming and trembling. It wasn't bleeding a little, it was bleeding like profusely. Like there was a HUGE puddle of blood on the kitchen floor. Ive never seen that much blood in my life, and for it to be my own blood... *shivers* I could barely sleep last night the whole scene kept replaying in my mind. :( I cried so hard yesterday... man... it was just an aweful day. After calling my mom, she said she was on her way, and she works far away so I knew she wouldn't get there till about 30 mins. So I called Ethan since I knew he lived the closest, and all my other guy friends where at work. I figured guys were pretty used to dealing with blood and injuries, becuse I seriously had no idea what to do to stop the bleeding. So Ethan came over like in a flash, and I really think it was a God thing, because apparently he was out working with his dad on a project, and was actually really really close to my house. So he got there super fast which was a blessing. He helped me calm down and helped stop the bleeding by putting a towel over it and applying pressure. Im really thankful Ethan was there or I would have continued to panic. Any way, my mom showed up not to long after Ethan got there and first took me to an urgent care center to see if they could stitch it up. Well, haha, we go in the back and they pull off the towel and all of them were like, "AAAGGHAAAA! Thats way worse then what we thought over the phone" (my mom had called before hand and told them what the cut looked like) lol XD So they were like telling us we needed to go to the ER at Mercy since it was closer, and said I needed a specialst to stitch it up, because the cut was very big and deep and could have injured my tendons. So we went to Mercy and I had to wait for a bit before I got seen. And they sent me to the back, which I guess is the more critical part of the ER because I guess the cut was that bad. 0.0 but yeah. So im put in this huge scary room, that looks like something off those movies. and they have to X-ray my foot and what not. By this point my cuts like super nasty looking, like not even kidding my guts and muscles of my foot were like coming out of the cut and were like dark purple looking. EWWW! There was like blood every where! >< Sorry if Im growsing you out. Then they gave me this crazy pain medication... I felt like a blanket of lead had been put on me. I've never felt that heavy and tired in my life. It was nice, but sort of painful if that makes sense. 0.0 It reminded me of the ending of the first twilight movie when Edward is sucking Bella's blood out and her face goes all weird, and she looks like shes tripping out. Thats probably what my face looked like. XD Like it was so trippy. D: then it took a loooong time till the doctor saw me, and when he final came, he had to put some numbing stuff all around the cut, that was the worst part of the ordeal. Man it was painful! then after that it wasn't so bad. I didn't watch because it was to bloody, and painful to look at, but he stiched it all up. :) Im doing better now. Im at home with it all bandaged up and stuff. They gave me a funky shoe to wear around the bandage. lol. *sigh* but Its pretty painful today, and I can barely walk or get around, so Ive been sleeping and sitting most of the day. Its frustrating because its so painful to move or get anything. :P Like if Im going to go to my room to get something I make sure I have everything from my room that I want so I dont have to go back and make a second trip. XD *sigh* They said I cant go back to work till monday, but I dont know if I'll even be able to go back then, Ill have to see. In ten days I have to go get some stitches removed, and also go to a foot doctor ( they have a special name but I cant remember it. LOL XD) any way, yeah, I have to go get my foot checked by a foot doctor specialist to make sure none of my tendons have been damaged and what not. I'm praying they are all ok. I can just barely move my toes. :( but they said thats a good sign. If I do have damaged tendons in my toes I have to have a surgery done to get them fixed. ;_; So im definetly hoping they are ok. >< Also, I dont think Ill be able to drive for a while... I feel bad but Im probably going to need help from family and friends to get anywhere like church or something. :( I hope I can drive agian soon. man. I just feel like a burden... :( *sigh*... and way, I mainly just wanted to post this post to let you all know Im ok. And it should be healing fast I hope. >< I'll be slow to get around for a while, but it will be ok. :) Love you guys!

Sincerly, Cheryl! ^__^

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