Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Life of a Cosplayer :D

Yesterday while I was working on my Namine cosplay, I looked at my room. lol! It was filled with fabrics, patterns, thread, scissors, sewing machine, you name it. I thought to myself, this is the life of a cosplayer. I like laughed out loud, bahaha! Its so fun! Working on cosplay is so fun and rewarding. I enjoy making cosplay so much, helping other people make theirs or working on my own is such a blast! There's nothing I love more then seeing the cosplay start to come together near the end, when all the pices come together and the character begins to really come to life. Im really enjoying helping make Mattie's Azula cosplay. Its helped me get better at sewing too! I learned how to sew a zipper yesterday for the first time! It was a little thing, but it felt so great, and I felt I really accomplished something. XD Hahaha!! Ahhhh its so fun! I cant wait till our next cosplay work day. :D

Isn't this an amazing Toph?!!

<3 *__*

<3 =0w0=

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