Friday, May 20, 2011

He Caught my Attention. :)

I do believe God uses all things, good or bad to get our attention some times. The case with me, I believe God used my foot getting cut open to show me something, to wake me up in a sense. A divine appointment tonight as I watched T.V., a show came on call the CBN 700 Club. At first I had no idea what it was, but came to find out it was a Christian program. I definitely believe God wanted me to see this television program. It was about tithing and giving to the needy and poor, even when you yourself may not be financially secure. This stood out to me so much. Here over the past couple of months, I have been spending hundreds, HUNDREDS on cosplay, clothes, eating out, buying for MYSELF. :( I have barely been even giving in Church... and I've only been worrying about if I'll have enough money for Akon, TnT... gahhh... :( and not just money... my focus has totally only been on Conventions and other non important stuff. My relationship with God... has been put so low on my list of priorities. I barely spend time in prayer or in the bible these days... :( I realize now what God wants me to do. I need to give more, and I need to get back into his word, and spend time with him. I need to spend less money, and I also need to pray more about my future and what God wants me to do with the gifts he's given me. I feel a big part of that will have something to do with China. Every day I should be so grateful and thankful for what I have. Seeing some of the families CBN has helped, really opened my eyes to how blessed I am. I need to realize this every day. Its so easy to forget in America how truly blessed we are. I can't believe how selfish Ive been lately... :( Its going to change tonight though. God has caught my attention and he has it.

Thanks for reading,
Love Cheryl ^_^

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