Friday, May 27, 2011

Its kind of scary...

Getting out my stiches in my foot today. Kind of scared about that. And Im kind of scared to have a boy friend. Weird I know... but its a big thing in my book. I take dating very seriously. Which may or may not be a bad thing... but yeah. I really like this one guy, and he really likes me. He's been waiting for me and stuff, hes a really great guy, sweet, christian, caring, not going to be forward or anything like that. So I mean I shouldnt be so scared... its just... im also scared of change. :( I thought I was feeling peaceful about all this yesterday morning, then in the evening I got anxiety and got super sick feeling, so I definetly think right now is not a good time.

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  1. Sometimes, it's good to embrace change though, as I've told you before... And, sometimes if you don't do anything or wait too long, or let fear of change suffocate you, then things will pass you by, and change will come in a way that you can no longer control, or without you wanting it to. Look at it as a new chapter in your life, meant to be embraced instead of turned from. You'll learn tons of new things, you'll mature a lot more, and you'll dip your toe into the waters of committed, Christian dating, where God does nothing but bless you if the both of you follow His way. He'll show both of you how He believes marriage should be in the future, but that does not mean that you're restricted to this one relationship as "the one" forever.

    I've been blessed so much through my relationship with Ethan because it's a healthy, Christian relationship. Even though we've had our struggles, individually and together, as I've talked to you about, it takes those hard times to make a relationship even stronger, and to know you both can rely on no one else but God anyway. We've grown closer as friends through our relationship as well, and still continue to learn things about one another. You won't know everything right away, or understand everything right away, but that's the beauty of relationships when they're committed and taken slow; you'll learn bit by bit about that person in a deeper way. Also, relationships are not always easy, even Christian ones -- the world does snare and the devil does trap you sometimes, but, I know you're definitely strong enough to overcome obstacles, especially through God. :)

    And in general, this is a time in our lives for discovery and change, for we're growing up and growing further. Nothing is a race in life, so don't dread that you're "falling behind" or fear drastic change changing the routine of a comfortable life you're used to. What's the excitement in life without the leaps of faith? Without the whims and instances and moments that you can't really logically understand, but your heart is screaming at you to go for?

    I feel like I just read all that from a psychology book or something, .___.;; I hope you're not ENTIRELY bored to tears, hahahaha xD, however, I hope it helped as well D: Sometimes it's best to have like, written advice out too instead of just us talking and you may not remember something I said or something. xD;; I don't remember a lot of what I say either, bahaha.

    I love you dearie. *hugs* <3