Friday, May 27, 2011

I want to go help out at the church today if I can. I feel so blessed and thankful that my house wasn't destroyed by the tornados, but I feel so bad for the people who did lose their house... I cant even imagine what it would be like to lose everything like that... :(

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  1. Yeah, I helped out Wednesday, and went back to visit Thursday but they had a lot of help, almost more than what they could find jobs for. However, it'll be a long process -- way longer than a week. My dad says "crisis-driven people" and people on "post-disaster-helping-out-adrenaline" that aren't like the core of the community will stop helping after Sunday or so, and then the community will really need help. Right now everything is still on the high of the storm and the disaster -- adrenaline pushed, I guess. Reality hasn't sunk in. But once it does, that's when those victims will need their community the most.

    So we still have plenty of time to help. :)

    But yeah, it was pretty devastating to see all the damage, especially at Falcon Lake where the two little boys died.. :( however, it blesses me (and I've cried or nearly cried a lot the past week thinking about this) how much the community and hearts are brought together to help out when stuff like this happens, especially in Piedmont. <3 It really shows how God uses these disasters and tragedies to further shine His love and reach out towards others