Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'll Fly with You

Draw Draw Draw... thats what Ive been doing ever since I got back from Akon. :D Seeing all those amazing artists really inspired me and set a spark in my heart to want to work harder on my art. That spark had died down to an ember, but now its burning strong again. I want to try so many new things with my art work. Im so excited! and I also decided Im going to try and start saving up for a nice Mac laptop computer. :D It would be nice to have one before going into animation classes. :) So Ive got to be really careful with how I spend my money. XD man Im so happy and excited, haha and I have no idea why. Its 2 am... and I cant seem to fall asleep. X_x I really dont want to go to work tomorrow. lol XD oh wells, more money towards the laptop though right? XD Man... so I was thinking today at work about summers when I was little. Recelecting how fun it was to not have to work and just spend the days outside, running through sprinklers, hanging with friends... ahh... good times. I think we should have a fun day like that, spend the day out side with friends, BBQ, run through sprinklers, eat watermelon. It just sounds so nice. ^^ This has been an amazing summer so far, Im so enjoying and looking forward to the rest of it as well. 4 weeks till Tokyo in Tulsa! So excited! ^_^

this is a drawing I did today. :D

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