Friday, June 17, 2011


Thank Goodness its Friday!! Blahhh!! haha!! Im so ready to relax. XD man... haha so... Im thinking for a relaxing weekend Im going to just work in my garden some, read, draw, and sit around and listen to music. haha. Im thinking of reading some of my poetry books I got from the book fair that I have yet to pick up! They are calling to me! Stories of fairies awaiting the frost king, and princesses and princes. Oh and I cant forget drinking tea! Last night I had green jasmine tea. Yum..... tongiht I'm thinking some rasberry tea. Ahhh. :) Ive been drawing every night till 2 in the morning. is that bad? probably. ehehe... but its so fun! I've been trying to find new music lately too. Anyone know of some good artists out there? :D Any way, I hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing weekend. Stay out of the heat if possible! Its dreadful! Well over and out lovelies. Remember that you're beautiful. ^^

Love Cheryl <3

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  1. Lol, you're gonna' work in your garden some but you're telling everyone else to avoid the heat.. xD haha I found that funny for some reason XD OH, you forgot though that YOU AND MATTIE ARE COMING BY VINTAGESTOCK SATURDAY, *cough* >>

    ^^ <3 Lol just kidding, if you can't make it out tomorrow no biggie! Sometimes Saturdays are just good for doin' nothing and relaxing.

    Have a lovely weekend dearie and I'll see you Sunday for church!! (if I don't work in the morning, I still don't know my schedule for Sunday.. >o<), OH and btw, I found more Avatar pictures of us from AKON! However, one person made a major FAIL and described us as Zuko, Ty Lee, Azula and .... MAAAAIII. I wanted to die. Lol. They'll have it comin' when watertribe Katara comes BACK, oh yeah.

    Sorry for the ridiculous long and somewhat pointless comment, lol, I'm done now. :)