Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello everyone! This weekend was amazing. :D Well Saturday in the morning my mom was sitting out on the patio so I went out there and read her some poetry out of one of the poetry books I got at the book fair called the Victorian Posy. All the poems are about flowers, summer and spring. It was so fun to read to my mom. I think she enjoyed it too. ^^ Then we walked around our gardens in the back yard. We looked at the little watermelon growing in her garden, and then looked at the pumpkin plant growing in mine. :D I'll post pictures later of our gardens. ^^

Then later that Saturday me and Mattie went to visit Meghan at her new job at Vintage Stock. It was a lot of fun. :) Then we went to a cute Asian cafe called the Tao Cafe. We got Passion Fruit Milk Tea, and Rose Milk Tea, they were amazing!!!!!! *_* Sooo Yummy!! I want another one! lol! XD Then we went to Goodwill! And we found lots of fun dresses to try on. It was so much fun. We both ended up buying some of the dresses! Ahh! I love Goodwill so much! Seriously, I got two cute dresses and a belt for only like 11 dollars. :D One of the dresses I got was actually to big, so that night I took it in on my sewing machaine, and now it fits a lot better. :)

Sunday was wonderful too. We had a great service at church. Then after church Mattie and Meghan came over and we hung out and then watched the movie Big Fish with my mom. The movie was sooo good!!!! I loved it! Ahhh it was just a wonderful weekend. ^__^

These are the dresses and belt that I got at goodwill. :)

This is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday. :) Its the floral dress from goodwill that I took in, and the belt. ^^


  1. We need to have a vintage clothes photoshoot! Aaaand go to Goodwill soon cause I've been craving a Goodwill shopping day since you showed me those dresses :D

    And when I was watering the plants/trees today, I was thinking of you, and thinking "Cheryl would be so proud of me cause I'm gardening! XD" or something like that.

    Yer amazing and swell and I love you dahlin'!

  2. Awww thank you for the sweet comment! ^^ and yes I agree!! we totally should do a vintage photoshoot! and we should have a tea party, you, Mattie, Becky and I!! X3 and and go goodwill shopping! especially now that the goodwilil on the expressway is expanding! So stoked! :D

    And awww! I am so proud of you! YAY!! Isn't gardening so fun and like peaceful. It always helps me get out stress or quiet my mind. ^^

    thanks again for your comment! Love you dear! ^_^ You are amazing! ;)