Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You should come and see the green grass

This is a beautiful song, you should listen to it. ^^

I Couldn't sleep last night. My nights lately have been really restless. :( Some times so much is on my mind. Im trying to get up earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier. It may be my sleep pattern is all messed up. I woke up early this morning and had a lovely breakfast. Now Im sitting here and pondering many things. I love to think about God, and all the simple things in life. Like grass and trees, flowers and birds... they are so simple, but beautiful. Some times its really just the simple things in life that I enjoy the most. Those quite times with the lord, working in the garden pulling weeds, taking a walk to the park, reading a book, drawing, looking at the stars. Ive been trying to slow down my life a bit, and really enjoy the simple things.

Some times it feels like life is just flying by... and I also feel I worry to much. And worrying is a sin... it keeps me up at night and also gives me awful anxiety at times. Like I worry about going into work, or baby sitting on thursday. Or worry I haven't been living the life I should for God, or worrying Ive been a bad friend, or girl friend, or worrying I wont make it in animation. Ive really been trying to turn to God lately for my peace and comfort from worry. He's the only one who can satisfiy. God is amazing... his love is so powerful. My heart feels so soft when I think about how much God loves me. How much he loves everyone. I just want everyone to feel Gods love too. ^_^

This was my breakfast this morning. :)

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  1. Agreed! Just sitting outside and watching the clouds and sky, or being around water or standing in the rain gives me the same feeling. Just being in nature and God's creation really makes you believe more in life when things get hard, or make you go back to the simplest truths :)