Monday, May 9, 2011

Tea Time with the Lady Bugs.

Little lady bugs have been visiting me in my garden. ^^ There are so many, perhaps they are gathering with the mushroom fairies to have a tea party. I trimmed my roses back to help them; gave them sopport to grow up right, high, and strong up the rose trelace. When my garden is big someday, I'd like to have a tea party with my dear friends the ladybugs, all dressed in red with black hats. And I'll invite my two best friends, Lady Mattie, and Lady Meghan over for some rose tea, with orange blossom fragrance in the air. We can chat and talk under the shade of the crape murtel bush. Enjoy the summer air we will, and dream of cons only 5 weeks away. hehe... XD

1 comment:

  1. Aawww, that sounds lovely, m'dear!! <3

    Tea parties and lady bugs and oooh, I want to take pictures of your lovely garden too! :O <3 Delightful!