Friday, May 13, 2011

Push Through...

Works been pretty hard lately... and Ive been getting high anxiety... Thinking of Akon helps me push through. Earning money for cons and cosplay. lol! Im like, "Yes, today is pay day! money for bills and cons!" haha! I feel like Im close to a breakdown... so I'm praying it doesn't happen. >< The devil's been attacking me in my self esteem again. I have been feeling ugly because of my face. But Ive been working hard to think more positive thoughts. It helps. >< And when I think about my friends and wanting to make them happy and other people as well I dont think about it as much. :) I hope everyone is doing good! Im so excited to start some more cosplay work this saturday. ^^ Oh and Meghan and Mattie, I cant read your two newest posts. For some reason its saying they arent there. :(

Im so happy today is Friday! :D 27 days to A-kon!! <33333 Lets work hard and do our best! ^_^

I want my blue contacts to come in sooo bad! lol! XD

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  1. *hugs* I love you doll. Sometimes the devil chooses to attack us with stuff like self-esteem when other things aren't going well either. That's what happened to me recently, school was really stressing me out so it was like an easy go for the devil to make me feel bad about my appearance too. Just stay strong. This job and the daycare is only a temporary thing; but the memories made and the feeling of joy and happiness and peace during the summer is a memory made forever, so don't let the devil bring you down or work bring you down to ruin that.

    I love you! :) *hugs* Look in the mirror today and say five positive things about yourself, what you love, etc. Doesn't necessarily have to be appearance, but try for that too. Just beat that devil down. Negate those negative thoughts and use them as a stepping stone to feel better and be closer to God.