Sunday, May 8, 2011

To my Besties

Mattie and Meghan, my two super amazing, super sweet best friends in the whole world. I loooove you gals. I read both of your blogs... *gives you both a big hug* I love you two so much. It makes me so sad to see how much your weight brings you two down. I want to help and encourage you two in any way I can. Dont give up. You two are so beautiful, every time I see you two, thats what I think, beautiful beautiful girls who have hearts of gold, and love the Lord. And God knows the desires of your heart, and he will help you with this as well. I'll be praying, I'll be encouraging, I'll be there always. Love you two so much. Just know, you are beautiful the way you are now, the wieght you are now. Beauty is not measured on the outside but on the inside. And you two have beautiful hearts, and that makes you even more beautiful.


  1. ;___;


    Thanks Cheryl, I love yoooooou. <3

  2. I love you too! I'm so excited that the three of us get to hang out a lot this summer! >.<