Thursday, April 28, 2011

The White Tower

In a green valley a girl ran through the tall grass, a strong wind whooshed past her and she looked up at the sky. It was turning gray fast, and the clouds billowed up like towering swirling ocean waves untill they formed into 3 enormas circular gates. The girl was being pulled into the dark holes. Her feet lifted from the ground, and she was taken into the middle gate. At first there was only darkness, then a brilliant blue sky. She was flying, and as she flew, glistening white clouds engulfed all around her. Their touch was soft and warm. As she flew through the clouds, out of no where an enormas white tower extended up as far as the eye could see. She made her way, floating up along side the tower until she reached a balcony. She landed and was welcomed with trumpet sounds and cheers as friendly angelic faces came to greet her to the White Tower City.

This was actually a dream I had a couple days ago. It was so pretty! :)

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