Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 weeks of Summer, Lets make them count!!

so... Blah..... yeah its almost time for School to start up again. Im not like supper bummed, but at the same time, I feel like Summer just flew by. I seriously dont know where it went, and I had this whole long list of things I wanted to do this summer, and I maybe only got 2 or three things on the list done. :( So as of today, Im going to try and complete most of the things on the list. :D

Summer List:
Read 10 books- Ill settle for one book read before school starts. lol!
Draw everyday- I will accoplish this for the rest of the 3 weeks.
Write poetry- wrote some, but not much. >< so I'll work on this. :) Work in my garden- I need to get my but out in my garden and clean out weeds despite the blazing heat! D:
Have a tea party- (complete) went to one yesterday at Dixies. :3
Have a picknic- I'd love to if only it would cool down outside. :(
Conventions and cosplay- (complete)

We all need to go to the Asian market before summer is out, or a tea house. :D there is sopost to be a nice one in Edmond. :D I think we should all have a drawing party too. :D Lets enjoy the last bit of summer to the fullest! I love you all, take care. ^_^

I love this song! :D found it the other day, its so catchy! :D


  1. I love that mint dress with those boots! AH!

    Haha, I am so ready for school and summer to be done. Not that I didn't have an awesome summer, because this summer was AMAZING, but I'm so close to being done with school lol.

    We never went to White Water/Frontier City. XD

  2. OMG, let's go to White Water/Frontier City before schooooool ><

  3. Omg!! YESSS WEEEE SHOULD!! I totally forgot about white water. D: LETS GO!! I cant this weekend but maybe the next, the 13th? :DDD