Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All the wasted time?! D:

Man... I seriously wasted soooo much of my summer not reading!! Why haven't I read more?! Its soooo fun!! Ive been hooked on a book called The Looking Glass Wars, its amazing! Seriously! I cant put it down, and I carry it with me every where in the house. I'm a pretty slow reader, but I have been reading this one fairly fast. :) I'm excited to know there is a sequal to this book as well. ^^ ahhh... I love how you escape the world for a bit when your reading, its like you dont think about anything else, I love it. I went to sleep last night thinking and dreaming about the book. :) Im going to draw some fan art for it soon. :)

So, I'm going camping in 2 days in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I really need to start packing. I'm not exactly sure what to bring, but we are gonna have to rough it out for 4 days with no showers and flushing toilets. Sorry to be so blunt but I reeaaallly hope I dont start my monthy cycle while we are camping, how much would that suck right? D: ugh... lol! >< In a way Im scared to rough it out in the wilderness with only a tent, but maybe the experience will help me appreciate better all the luckuries I have at home. >< haha. Im also scared of wild animals like bears and mountain lions. Pray that we dont get malled! ;_; Im going to bring a lot of books and paper and paints and pencils to draw a lot while we are there. :) I hope it will help me get more inspired. Im starting to worry a little to much about this trip. It should be a fun relaxing time, but Im sort of freaking myself out. It will be leaving my comfort zone for sure, but Its an adventure. Im very excited to see all the beautiful scenery and just be in nature, away from everything for a while. I really am looking forward to seeing forests and majestic mountains. ^_^ <3

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  1. Trust me! It will be beautiful there and you WILL be inspired again! I can just imagine how awesome it will be to be under the stars every night, so vivid and bright.. surrounded by trees and mountains and beautiful, fresh scenery. Not baking in an oven, haha!

    Take tons of pics! And read lots! And I'll be praying for you :3 <3