Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have you lost your creativity?

Hello everyone, I was reading a new post from one of the blogs I follow and it was so inspiring and important I had to share it with you all in case you were feeling the same as myself. Here is the link. :) The Sea of Fertility It should be the first post entitled Creative.

So this post really stuck out to me a lot, it was exactly what I have been going through and needing help with.
Lately when I would want to draw, I'd grab a pencil and paper, but then when Id go to draw I'd just stare at the white piece of paper and imeadietly go blank and have no idea what to draw. And then I've just been drawing the same things or similar things over and over again latley. They haven't been new, fresh, or inspiring. Just boring drawings that I don't think are any good. :( I've been feeling no inspiration, and drawing has not been as fun anymore either... :( And when I was a kid I loved to draw so much, Id draw almost the whole day and never get bored or feel uninspired. Looking back on my old art it felt more alive and free, now my art feels dull and constricted. Nancy is so right though, looking to other artists for inspiration really helps! I tried to do that today and I have a lot more inspiration to draw new things! I'm going to try harder to get out of my drawers block, and find inspiration, creativity, and a love to draw again. ^_^

Sincerely Cheryl. ^_^


  1. Other things that help me find inspiration, are drawing almost literal interpretations of other things... aka, listening to a song with or without lyrics, and drawing what I feel/see/imagine with that song. What makes it come alive, either the story of the song, or the music itself. Sometimes, drawing fanart makes me feel more creative/inspired or helps; when you're not worrying about totally developing the entire picture, including characters, you can focus more on other things, like a story they're acting out, poses, putting them in different looks and making them look like themselves still, etc...

    Another thing that I find helps is taking time on an image and not really finishing it until you feel it's as perfect/good as can be. I used to just bullet out drawings and illustrations that were so-so and mediocre just to fill my binder up because I thought that meant I was doing better as an artist... however, one thing I'm learning through design/Illustration classes is that taking time on a single piece to make it amazing is way more worth it in the end than trying to mass produce or draw tons of other pieces. Also, spending more time on a drawing really allows you to revisit it and grow fond of it, and almost feel more inspired by it as you go.

    Other ideas I've learned from class: doodle pages that never end (helps you draw out tons of ideas just at the top of your head that you may pull from later), brainstorm/making lists before you draw, just drawing what and how you're feeling, looking up prompts online/in books, or making your own prompts to follow, etc...

    And viewing other art helps and talking/seeing other artist's work helps, but, don't allow it to bring you down about your own art either :) Just always remember too, that those artists went through tons and tons of blocks too to get to that one image too. That's one beautiful thing about art and illustration though, you're always learning and always growing! There's no right or wrong way, and all illustrators can really learn from one another and help each other grow :)

    I hope this wasn't too boring and long to read. XD Haha I love you! And ANOTHER thing that helps...... HAVING MASS AMOUNTS OF DRAWING PARTIES. We need to do this. :D

    <3 <3 <3 - Meg

  2. Wow! This blog really hit me.I have been feeling the same way lately.I hate it when I'm busy with other things and not taking the extra time to do art.It feels like I'm making excuses like going on Face Book,watching TV,hanging out,etc.. But now I realize that I need to set aside time for it like I need to with God.What I love to do is pray before I draw so He can help me get inspired to be creative.Thank you Cheryl and Meghan for the post.:) I love you guys.Take care and God bless.