Monday, July 11, 2011

If we were children, I'd bake you a mud pie. :3

Its monday. Lazy, warm, and quiet. Going to work soon. I tried drawing today. Im rusty, like major rusty. 0.0 my lines look harsh, rough, and messy. Ohhh wells, I tell myself, dont over think when you draw and have fun; be creative and draw what ever you want, dont worry about it looking bad, cause then it wont be fun anymore. So I took a shot at drawing what ever. It didn't turn out good, but acleast I tried. haha. :) TnT this weekend. Im looking forward to it. I am most excited for the rave, ball, and artists alley, and I will be wearing Lolita for the first time at a Con. :3 yay! Hope everyone is doing ok and staying cool! its been in the 100's every day in Oklahoma. Past couple days its been up to 110 degrees! X_X my poor garden is getting crispy... T^T sadness... Well I'll cut this short, by saying hope you have a Happy Monday! Love Cheryl. ^.^

Here is some beautiful art that really inspires me. :3

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