Friday, June 24, 2011

I feel so numb...

So looks like I cant quit till I find another job. My mom wont let me. She was so angry, bitter, and rude to me this morning when I told her what I wanted to do. She dosen't understand at all... and thinks Im just complaining and having a pitty party for myslef. If she just once came to work and saw what I have to deal with then maybe she'd understand. Im going job hunting this morning and after work. I WANT OUT! I want out of the day care... :( I just want to cry right now...


  1. Ugh... Your mom seriously needs to understand and let you make your own decisions instead of just suffocating you and expecting you to constantly obey her, seriously... that is so irritating I don't even know what to say.. just hang in there sweetie, things will get better, and the start of that is finding a new job. You'll get one though, and a great one, I'm positive.

  2. Cheryl she can't stop you. You are an adult who makes decisions for yourself. I know she's your mom, but seriously. Do what you think you should do.