Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I totally didn't have time to post or draw yesterday... I feel awful... ok... Mattie, Meghan... what should my punishment be? ;_; Well any way, to make up for yesterday, here is 3 drawings, one I drew two days ago, but what ever. XD

The first one I drew today. Its so post to me me, driving to UCO with no air conditioning, and sweating. XD haha... Its so miserable, I can't wait till fall! Cooler weather, OH YEAH! :D second one from two days ago, its just a random drawing, idk, lol, guess I wanted to practice drawing two people on a page. And the third one, its from Gaia, from the recent event they just had. I love Gaia! lol! XD any way, I love you all! <3 take care. :)

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