Sunday, August 28, 2011


Im sorry I didn't post yesterday! I fail... ;_; things just got so busy. But I promise I did draw! Im just posting yesterday and todays drawings on this blog. :)

Ok, so the flowers I drew yesterday, and the girl I drew today. :) yay, so back on scedual. Well yesterday was really fun, I cooked for the first time chicken curry. It turned out pretty good! It was the first meal I think I've ever cooked that I was actually very pleased with. Im going to work harder on my cooking from here on out. :) Today, I finally worked in my garden some. Man it looked and still looks like a jungle. I really let it get wild and out of control. It needs a lot more work. Well I'll post again tomorrow. Meghan, Mattie, Becky, I love you girls! I know now that all our classes are starting to settle in, things are going to get a lot more stressful and difficult, and its going to be harder to keep in contact. But I'm praying for you all, and Im so thankful we have these blogs to keep in touch too. I love you all so much! God bless you my amazing sisters in Christ! ^__^ <3 take care, and have a blessed week. :)

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