Friday, August 26, 2011

cant think of a title. lol XD

Ok, I just had to post this fast because I have to go to work in like 15 mins lol. I didn't have much time to draw today, so I got it done early this morning. Here's my drawings for today. I saw of pic of a girl with red hair and had to draw this, I love red hair, or just vibrant colorful hair in general. Yesterday I saw a girl at UCO with bright pink hair, it was AWESOME! Mattie you would have loved it! X3 wahh... I sort of want to bleach a part of my hair and have like a blue highlight. It'd be cool! any way, Oh! and when I went to the library yesterday I couldn't find any art books, but I found two cooking books, one over how to cook Thai food and the other Vietnamese food! Im so excited to try out some of the recipies. Tomorrow Im going to cook for Tiger and my mom a thai recipie called Chicken Masman Curry, I hope I do a good job! Thai food is sopost to be really spicy, so I hope I dont make it to spicy. lol! Oh and I found a book about mushrooms. Dont ask why, but I find mushrooms really fasinating and cute! So Im excited to read about them, learn more about them, and also help me draw them! ^^

I put mushrooms on her shirt because with her hair it reminded me of pizza. LOL! XD Dude if I had red hair, I'd totally wear a shirt with mushrooms on it. XD Any way, hope you all have a great day! love you! ^_^

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