Thursday, August 25, 2011

I want to spend my vacation at the Library!

Omg!! you have to HAVE to listen to this song right now!! I LOVE it! I had heard this song a long time ago, a techno version with a girl singing it. But yesterday I found this version, its a guy singing it, and I love it so much more! And the video is so beautiful too! Which leads into my drawings for today. :)

Since being inspired by this song, I wanted to try and draw a girl looking up at the stars. Turns out, it was WAAAAY harder to draw then I thought. Here were some of my attempts. The really big more realistic looking one I actually looked up a reference of someone looking up to help me beause I had no idea where to even start on drawing some one looking up. That one took me like an hour to get it right, it still looks weird. Gahhh, lol! drawing people looking up is sooo hard! XD who would have guessed it. The other ones were my atempt at the same thing but anime style. a little easier then realistic style. haha. but yeah. Heres my drawings for today. :D

So today I was looking at cartoon girls blog, and man, she is amazing! In her most recent post she had gone to a book store specifically to find books about flowers and gardens with lots of pictures, to help her practice drawing them. What a great idea right?! I never think of just going to a book store or library to get books to reasearch and practice from for fun and to get better at drawing. :D Its such a great idea! Today Im going to go over to the UCO library after class and find some art books and other fun books to help me get inspired and try drawing different things. Ive been thinking I'd like to try drawing animals. ^^ Im so excited. And today in my computer class we are sopost to be learning about what is on the inside of your computer. I have NO IDEA! lol! Im excited to find out what is in there, its a mystery. XD << my class is at 3:30 so I've just been drawing all morning. :)

Last night hehe, ok. wait I'll go back a couple days. Ok so like a couple of days ago my mom wanted me to cook fried rice for her, so I did, but gahhh! Im a horrible cook, I accidently put in to much oil, so the rice was nasty and gross, too much oil. So latley Ive been like determined to make GOOD fried rice. I really want to master it. >< Because I've made it many times, and have never been happy with it. So any way, haha, last night I tried again, and well, it turned out way better then before, but this time I put in way to many spices that over powered the rice completly, so next time I will remember to put in lest spices, and the spices actually be fresh, like fresh ginger instead of just a dried spice in a jar. lol XD Im so excited, I really want to become a better cook, and learn how to cook new and healthy dishes. Im going to work hard, oh! Maybe I will look for a cook but at UCO too. :D yay!

Well this is getting long, so I'll wrap this up. Hope you all have a wonderful day. We should go to the asian market Saturday and have a girls day, just saying. ^_~ haha!! love you all! thanks for reading! ^^ <333 Bye! :D

Oh, and also I just wanted to say, thank you so much Meghan and Mattie for your advice on my post about Tiger stuff. I really appreciate it, and your advice helped a lot. I just wanted to say thank you and Im so thankful you two are my friends, I love you! Thank you for always being there for me. ^^ and Im so glad we have these blogs, its like even now with college going on, we can still talk to each other and know how one another is doing through our blogs, but we still need to hang out! haha! *coughs* Saturday? :D Love you!! ok, now the blog is over. XD

Here is the reference pic I used for the big head. XD

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  1. Waaah I love the song and the drawings and everything. I MISS YOUR FACE D:

    And I'm totally up for hanging out Saturday! Even if we don't do the Asian market, a relaxing chill day or something pampering ourselves or drawing or whatever sounds so.. lovely <3

    LOVE YOU. :D <3