Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Old Mansion

So it was so weird, my dream last night. It took place at this old mansion, a mansion that has been in one of my other dreams from a couple months ago. It was so cool to dream about it again! Its such a beautiful mansion, almost castle looking. I know for sure Mattie you were in the dream, and I vaguely remember Meghan, Ethan, and one other person there. In the dream there was an old woman living there, which was differen't from my last dream where it was an old man living there. lol! anyway. In the dream the old woman couldn't take care of the place herself, so she was hiring people to take care of it for her. It was funny cause in the dream she was my next door neighboor. Crazy right! any way she ended up hiring all of us to work there. I was in charge of taking care of the gardens which were wild, and filled with weeds and brush so I had to clear all of it out. I cant remember what Meghans job was, but I remember Ethan was in charge of sweeping and dusting off all the old statues out side and inside the mansion. And Mattie was in charge of cleaning in the house, such as changing bed sheets, and curtains, and other various things. I remember telling Mattie not to go into one room, the nursury room, because a child had died in there or something a long time ago. Very creepy. 0.0 Then later in the dream it was weird because I found out that the old woman had a grandson who was to inherit the mansion and all of his grandmothers fortune. He was sopost to be our age, very handsome and a gentlemen with an already good fortune. I remember running to Mattie and telling her, and we were joking that if the grandson fell in love with her it'd be like a disney movie or like Pride and Prejudice, like she would get to come and live in the beautiful mansion with a prince like guy. haha! In the dream we were like laughing and being all girly about the grandson, and wanting to meet him. Sadly we never got to see what he looked like, he was sopost to be comeing by the mansion to visit his grandmother, but I woke up before he did! Sadness!! Maybe I'll dream about it again Mattie! lol! And we can meet him! XD lol! but it was a very interesting dream non the less. XD maybe I dreamed it cause we have been talking about like fairy tales and stuff lately, Im not sure. XD

This is kind of what the mansion looked like only, a lot bigger and more castle like, and the property looked a lot different as well.

Any way. haha! todays been good. I cut off the colars of some of my old t-shirts and they look a lot better. I'm wearing one right now. It was my old Jave Daves shirt from when I used to help out there a long time ago. lol! it looks so much cuter with the colar cut off. :D

Here are my drawings for today, some of these I actually drew last night, but thats ok. XD theres still some on there from today. :) Any way, yeah... I'm very rusty at drawing guys and they look more like girls! D: I need to practice harder! Well I have to head off to work, talk to you all later! take care! ^__^ <3


  1. That sounds really awesome! Haha, we would have those jobs rofl. I wanna have an awesome dream like that.. I haven't been able to remember mind lately. School stress, uhhhhh. XP

  2. O.O That dream sounds... so amazing! I wanna' work in a castle! :D Even if it's a slightly creepy one, bahaha. x3

    Lovely drawings! I'm gonna' keep on your posting something every day girly and ... well, I'll get onto you if you.. don't? Bahah, I can't think of another good punishment. XD I mean, I can't talk, I don't do nearly as well with stuff like that so I'd feel hypocritical otherwise, haha Dx

    I noticed guys hold so much tension in their jaw, so their jaws are usually strong and square light almost. Guys' necks are usually thicker too, unless they are a more petite guy that you're intending to draw feminine. Broad shoulders and squareish upper bodies that go to thinner hips/waist/no butt (XD) also are like guy proportions. And more slanted eyes maybe? Bigger eyes seem more feminine and girly, but slanted eyes seem more mysterious and appropriate for guys, I guess

    Bahaha, if that helped at all.. XD..

  3. Psst Meghan, a dozen doughnuts. That could be the punishment, rofl.

  4. lol! you guys are awesome! 12 donuts would be a pretty cruel punishment, but an effective one non the less. lol!! XD

    Mattie- you have the best dreams! XD I hope you get to dream one soon! ;w;

    Meghan- Thanks for the awesome advice on drawing guys. :D your right a big part is in their chin, and I think thats where i have a big mistake a lot, and where they really start looking girly. XD I need to work harder! >< and oh! slanted eyes and smaller eyes thats a good idea! Like Sebastians eyes! :D thanks again! and thank you for holding me accountable! I'll do my best! :D