Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If you want something, you have to work hard for it.

So lately I have realized something. I sit and complain, hope and wish I was a great artist, I had a good job, I made my own clothes, and had my own business and sold stuff. Then it hit me. If I want those things, I HAVE to work for them, they are not going to just be handed to me on a silver platter. Sure, some people have nataural talent and drawing comes really easey to them, but If I work hard, I can get good too. Practice Practice PRACTICE. I want to be a good artist, and I will be. SO, I am going to post a drawing every day on my blog, no exceptions, if I do... hm... can you guys help me think of a punishment? haha, Im going to do this guys, no joke. >:)

I realize I waaaay to often complain in my head or to other people that, well, this or that person gets everything handed to them, its not fair, they have connections, they have support from their family, not just in words of encouragement but they get financial support as well, or everything works out for other people but not me. Well boo hoo... I could sit here and say life's not fair, and well, life is not fair. But just because some one may have it easier, doesn't mean I should complain, I probably have it better then most people and I should be thankful. I'll work harder, I'm going to try and not just sit on my butt. :P Im going to start going after the things I want. Not comparing myself to anyone, but my own standers if I am giving it my all. And I also realize, its not like people who may seem like they have it easier then me do nothing either, they are working hard too, with what they have. They aren't being lazy, they are going after their dream, and I really admire that about them. I'm going to use what God has given me, my situations in life, my finances, and the support I have from my friends will keep me strong, even if my family does not support me. Thats part of growing up and being an adult right? :) any way, I'll stop rambling. No more wishing, now Im going after my dreams, and soon those wishes and dreams, will become a reality. ^^ Thanks everyone for reading this. Love you all! ^_^ <333 Remember to always follow your dreams and never give up!

Drawing for today:
Some quick sketches. I realize I draw girls way to much, tomorrow... Im going to practice drawing guys. ><

Here is a shirt today that I remade into this.

It was a lot of fun, I just cut the sleaves off, sewed the hole on the left side and made an off the shoulder shirt. :) I leared how to do this and got inspired to do this, when I came across by accident today on youtube a girl who had all these fun tutorials to take big XL t-shirts and make them super cute! Here's a link to her youtube. Salinabear You should totally try it! Its tons of fun! I have so many old huge t-shirts, I think Im going to remake a lot of them into fun stylish shirts that I can wear to college. :)


  1. You can't make me grow up. :D

    I like your shirt too... life isn't fair and it sucks to say the least but we gotta keep on pushing through. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, promise.

  2. I tooootally agree!

    I sit around and do that a lot too; "aw man, they're better at ... (thisthisthisthisthatthisthat) and I'm not so good, or I need to get better" but i don't work at it hard enough. Since I love to do so many different things -- design, photography, drawing, writing, dancing, etc... -- I compare myself so much to others and their achievements, or how good they are or how well they're off, etc. It's hard NOT too when you're so passionate about something that you want to excel in it, but we need to turn that comparison and bitterness and laziness into motivation, determination and execution of our goals.

    I'm going to try harder too this semester to stay more responsible and ahead of the game with design projects/school work so I can do my best and become an even stronger designer/illustrator. :) We can make our dreams come true guysss~! >o< <3

  3. Thank you so much for your comments and advice! I love ya gals! ^^ Im so thankful you two are my friends. ^^

    Im so excited!! Lets all do our best this semster together! we can do it!! ^^ I'm praying for yall. ^^