Sunday, September 11, 2011

I wish things made more sense

Hey everyone. Its been a while since I posted. >< Today I finaly got to see the inside of my b/f's house. XD He has never ever invited me over, and finally did tonight for dinner with his family. It went pretty good I think. And his house was very nice. :) *sigh*... some times I do feel out of place though. Like his house was very Native American theamed, which is not bad at all of course! thats not what I mean, but like at dinner... Im so white, and I sort of felt out of place... just a little. Idk... I think his parents like me so thats good. :) but yeah... some times the different race thing still bothers me a bit. I feel I dont belong, even though Tiger says I do... and some times I just feel scared. I feel every thing is happening to fast. I think he is really in love with me, and wants to marry me. It just scares me. Im not ready for any of that... I'm just now about to start my career. There is still so much ahead of me. I feel Im sort of in a blur and I cant see what to do, or what Im doing. Its just so confusing. I dont know what love is... and I honestly dont know if Im in love. I honestly dont want to fall in love with any guy yet. I just feel like its too soon ya know? :/ any way... I'm just still confused about every thing. Can you guys pray for me? ;_; OMG! Peter Pan this weekend! I cant wait! I just want this week to go by fast! D: and Next week is also, the starting of Francis Tuttle! Im actually feeling nervous... :( Well talk to you all soon. take care! and God Bless. ^_^

This was the outfit I wore today. :)

Oh! and LookBook finally has open registration! You all should join and post your outfits! Its really fun! ^^

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