Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm sorry guys... I failed...

So I pretty much failed at posting a drawing every day... It was way harder then I thought to actually find time in every day to put aside for drawing. :( Some times there were just other things to do that were more important. But I still have been drawing, just haven't been able to post every day. I think out of the several days I haven't posted, I haven't drawn 2 days. >< I am ashamed of myself. I'll work harder. ;_;


  1. Maybe you shouldn't force yourself to post something on here every day then. Just keep tabs that you at least draw everyday, and that's what matters. :)

    You may be stressing yourself out to post something on here everyday which may cause you to procrastinate on it or push it aside. If drawing or posting on here everyday with your drawings becomes a chore or like work or something, you're not gonna' feel as motivated to do it. And yeah, sometimes it's hard to find time to draw everyday, especially if you're day is busy with other things like your gardening, or seeing friends, or church, work, or school.

    But don't tell yourself you failed just because of not drawing in 2 days; you're definitely improving, it's already so evident! So ease up on yourself and start enjoying it again instead of turning it into a hassle or a chore you have to complete for every day. :)

  2. Okay okay okay, how about this:

    Draw everyday then on Saturday, end of the week, post your favorite. That would be cool. lol