Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lets Take a walk in the Woods :)

Hey guys, I have some time before my class so I thought I'd post a blog. :) How is everyone doing? only 3 weeks till Izumicon! Any one ready yet? Im not! I mean Im ready to go to a convention, but not ready for the art table. lol! XD I've been working hard on some new pieces Im going to try and sell. But I need to draw a lot more. buuuh! haha! ^^ Im so excited, I have a good feeling about this year. ^^

I had a weird breakdown sort of this week. I was getting really angry for no reason, and I think it was becasue I wasn't right with God. So last night I took time to read my bible, pray, and just read a book. :) It was so nice to get away from technology for a while. I dont realize it some times, but Im constantly around it, either my phone, or computer. My life like revolves around it some times, and it can become over whelming at times. :( So, guess what book I started reading again?? The Ancient One! I can't help it, I LOVE this book! If you haven't read it, I highly recomend it. Its seriously one of the best books I've ever read. ^^

Any way, haha, I keep putting off turning in my application at Dollar General. Im kind of scared, Im scared they wont hire me because I'll have to ask off a couple of days. But I really want that job, its close to home, it'd be great new experience, and it'd be in Piedmont, a place with relatively kind nice people in a small town, and most important, I need the money! LOL! So I think Im going to... turn it in tomorrow before I go to work. gahhh! Wish me luck!! I'll have to tell them about the days I need off, but maybe they will still hire me.

So...... I probably wont buy this for a while... but its something Im thinking of buying after I save up for a imac, tablet, photoshop ect... lol!! XD Check out this fashion magazine!! Isn't it beautiful?! Lula I really kind of want it. lol! XD And I think its a reasonable price. Like $82 for a 12 month subscription. So like less then 10 dollars a magazine a month. :D wahh... haha!! I think Im too into stuff... -__- I need to work on this.

Ohhh!! the new Studio Ghibli movie is out now in Japanese. Its called Arrietty or the Borrowers. Its based off the book the Borrowers. Im so excited! I think they have the whole movie on youtube in Japanese. I'm thinking of watching it this weekend! And man the music score in this movie is amazing! I've been listening to it a lot lately. It's very celtic Irishy sounding, and since I have some Irish in me, I love it that much more!! ^^ <333

Here is the trailer for the movie!! :D

Any way, this is getting long, I just wanted to ramble. Haha, thanks for reading all that. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and a great Fall Break! :D


  1. Pretty :D

    Do you know when that movie is gonna come out over here? Has it said? If it goes out into theaters we should all go see it! >.<

  2. Oh Im not sure! but thats a good idea! I'll wait to watch it when it comes out here, and we SHOULD all totally watch it together!!!! ^______^ <333